We are always looking for outstanding students who would like to be involved in shaping the Corporate World.

The Entrepreneur Award is designed with the purpose of developing young business entrepreneurs to produce innovative business ideas. This award not only motivates and supports young business leaders to develop their business but also encourages them to plan creatively for the innovation in the next genera tion business. Cromwell UK is committed to create young entrepreneur to drive the effective business strategies and help the strategic vision of the nation.

This award is a premier national competition for student entrepreneurs who active or planning to run a business. The participation in this award programme helps to improve student entrepreneurs ability to overcome obstacles, Clarity of business mission and vision, Leadership, Innovation and Presentation skills.

Young entrepreneur award is truly an international championship prize worth of AED 1 Million This event is a comprehensive introduction to students to introduce their innovative ideas enabling to entrepreneurship. Students will learn life skills of communication, leadership, creativity, problem solving, and organizational planning.

Cromwell UK conceives a future generation of global leaders and we believe that each student should be carved with all the purity.

Global Arts Festival give a golden opportunity for those holding their soul with culture and passion with arts to participate and show case their talent across our global campuses which gives national and international prominence to all talents. The global arts festival contributes to delivering on several values in education, cultural diversity and social inclusion etc.

The finale of this cultural extravaganza will be done at the traditional venues in the heart of Europe. 


Believe that you can, you’re off to great achievements

Every human is bestowed with at least one talent and the person is very good at it. Being gifted doesn’t equate to having a trophy or a medal; it is a part of who the student is as an individual. Gifted education is meant to help ensure that those fascinating students who defy intellectual or talent boundaries have learning experiences that help them grow. At Cromwell UK, we recognized young talents with remarkable skills and innovative talents.

International Study Tour Experience Travel, these are education in themselves

International study tours are conducted to refresh and energize young minds by visiting the enchanting places and to adapt with the diversified culture. It fosters independence, leadership skills, and communication skills. It brings holistic development of the learners in unfamiliar environments. An exchange of cultural values allows for them to become more accommodating personalities. The experience of travel makes them independent individuals and helps establish lifelong values and priorities.

Global convocation programme

The convocation ceremony is filled with symbolism and tradition. It is the capstone of your entire educational experience. At Cromwell UK, the students have an opportunity to attend international convocations held every September at London, Dubai and Europe or attend the domestic convocation held at Delhi or Bangalore.